Is Propane Just for Residential Use?

If you are someone that likes to grill outdoors then you are probably aware of propane as a fuel source. Propane gas is also used by many for indoor cooking and residential heating. Then there are the thousands of people that enjoy going camping and RV enthusiasts that swear by this energy source for cooking, and heating.

When you are away from the comforts of home you can still cook meals on portable stoves. It is also worth noting that this type of fuel is also used for off-grid settings for refrigerators.

Residential propane is used for so much more than just home heating and cooking. You can find it being used to power industry, agriculture, and commercial enterprises.

commercial propane heating cooking hot water syracuse upstate central new yorkPropane and Industry

It might actually surprise you to learn that over half of the propane that is used in the United States, which is the largest consumer of liquefied petroleum gas or LPG, is used by the industry sector.

This fuel source can be found being used in the production of plastics, like plastic bags and nylon. A big benefit in today’s going green initiative is that propane is a clean-burning fuel. That is why you find it being used to power machinery in closed spaces like you find at warehouses and factories. Forklifts are often powered by this fuel source because it is a safe fuel source and safe for indoor use.

As you drive around and notice work crews working, you may not have thought about how they power some of their equipment. Propane is often used as a fuel to heat asphalt making it easier to perform road repairs. Builders on construction sites also use this fuel for drying plaster and concrete faster. The portability makes it an ideal fuel for cutting torches and soldering irons.

For those that work in enclosed spaces like mines, a clean-burning fuel is a must and this fuel source is what is used because it can be used safely in those conditions.

Energy for Agriculture and Farming

In those remote rural areas, propane is a great fuel source and it can be transported by truck or railway in tanks and cylinders. It doesn’t have to be piped indirectly from a storage facility.

For farmers, propane is a perfect fuel source. It can power equipment like generators, tractors, commercial mowers, and irrigation pumps. Farmers rely on this fuel source for so many things like propane-powered dryers to dry out crops and help fruit ripen. Organic agricultural sites use this fuel to reduce herbicides and pesticides the flamethrowers to control weed growth and kill pests like insects.

It is also used for heat and power refrigerators and for warming barns, greenhouses, nurseries, incubators, and chicken coops.

Commercial Applications

Restaurants are another place that uses propane for cooking just like you may use at home. Gas cooking is better than electric burners as they heat more evenly. They also heat up more quickly and cool down faster.

The Green Versatility of Propane

As you can see propane can be used just about everywhere. From camping to homes and even industry. This portable and clean-burning fuel can be used for so much.

If you want to learn more about how propane can help you get ahead, call the people who put the Pro in Propane. Call Country Propane this fuel source today.