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Buying A Propane-Powered Home? Three Questions to Ask

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If you are looking to purchase a home in the Central New York area, and the home you are considering utilizes propane as it’s primary energy source for heating, cooking and hot water, you couldn’t make a smarter move than choosing propane to power your new home.

As you consider making an offer on your family’s new dream home, here are a few things you might not know about propane as a residential energy source when compared with natural gas, oil, and electricity.

Propane: What You Need to Know

There are three major questions to ask when you are thinking of buying a new-to-you home that uses propane as it’s primary energy source:

Which Appliances Run on Propane?

You need to understand that simply because a house has a propane tank, it doesn’t mean that every appliance has to be propane powered. For example, you could have a stove, hot water heater, and furnace that run on propane but a clothes dryer that runs on electricity.

You should also ask for the home’s most recent safety inspection which would list all the propane-powered appliances that are used throughout the home. If the seller is unable to produce inspection papers, it is highly recommended that the home be inspected by a professional before you commit to making an offer on the property.

When there is a propane tank on the property it can be owned by the homeowner or leased from the propane supplier. If the seller owns the tank, make sure ownership of the tank is included in the terms of the house sale, and get all maintenance paperwork, including safety inspections, for the propane tank.

If the propane tank is underground, ask for proof that they are protected against rust or erosion. It is also good for you to know that regardless of who owns the tank, who you want to get your propane from is entirely your own decision as the new property owner.

How Big is the Propane Tank?

You want to make sure the propane tank has enough capacity to run everything you need it to run without having to have propane deliveries frequently costing you more than necessary. If you plan on adding a new propane appliance to the home, such as a propane powered fireplace in the family room, make sure the current tank has the capacity to keep up with the increased energy demands.

If you are ready to make an offer on that new home you’ve been looking at, and that new home utilizes propane for it’s primary energy source for heating, cooking, hot water, and more, you are one of a growing number of people that are doing the same thing. Propane is  a reliable, environmentally friendly, domestic energy source and at Country Propane we pride ourselves in offering the most reliable service in Central New York, giving CNY homeowners the energy to make their house a home.