Getting Your Propane Grill Ready for Spring

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If you’re not one of the few who brave the cold winter months and continue to use their propane gas grill, well, it’s time to break it out now and prepare it for the warm weather season. Even if you are one that has used your grill during the winter this information applies to you too. Even if you use a portable gas grill, giving it cleaning is a good idea as well.

It’s a good practice to clean it and do some safety checks so you are ready for the months ahead. Here are a few tips on how you can best prep your grill propane grill.

Prep Your Grill Cleaning Supplies

Let’s begin by gathering the supplies we will need. A pail of dish soap and warm water, a sponge, paper towels, and a quality grill cleaning brush. You might need a few tools on hand for taking certain parts off for easier cleaning. A few other things that you might want to have on hand just uncase are a spatula, stainless steel cleaner, degreaser, and fine sandpaper.

Clean and Scrub Your Grill

Take the grill grates off for starters and give them a good cleaning with soap and water. You don’t want to do this step too often but once or twice a year is fine in preparation for the grilling season. You may need to soak them a bit to let the gunk loosen upon them. By giving them a proper cleaning, you will prevent food from sticking to the cooking surface.

A tip to help save your elbows is to spray the cooking grates with equal parts of vinegar and water and wait about an hour. All the grease and gunk will be much easier to scrub off.

Inspect Parts on Your Grill

Take apart what you can so you can clean both the inside and outside of the grill with soap and warm water using a strong bristle brush. Don’t use a wire brush as it will leave scratches.

Pay close attention to the areas with a lot of grease build-up. Some find using a citrus-based degreaser or grill cleaner helps to clean these tough greasy areas. You will also want to clean the grease tray too.

Inspect your grill’s burners for any holes. Burners with holes that are not supposed to be there should be replaced immediately. You will also want to inspect the tubes for spiders that may have found their way in and made them their home during the cold weather.

Check the air vents on your grill and remove any debris to make sure you get proper airflow and help limit fire hazards.

Check And Test Grill Ignition

Now that you have cleaned your grill and reinstalled the burners, replace any batteries if you have battery-powered ignition. It is always a good idea to replace the old batteries with new ones, so you don’t get stuck with the grill not lighting when you need it to. Make sure any leads don’t have any grease or rust build-up on them. If they do, you can use fine-grit sandpaper to buff them.

Fill Your Grill’s Propane Tank

Now for the last step, head over to Country Propane and make sure your propane tank is full and ready to go. Our propane tank exchange is a great way to make sure you have the propane fuel you need. It is a good idea to always have a spare tank just uncase one run out in the middle of cooking.