The Beauty & Efficiency of Propane Fireplaces

Propane Fireplaces – Beautifying & Warm Your Home

propane room space heating syracuse oswego lafayette tully nyIf you have a chilly room or basement living area, a vent-free propane fireplace or stove can be the perfect heating solution.

Propane powered room heating options provide instant heat that knocks the chill off the room almost instantly, making it nice and cozy and inviting even on the coldest of Central New York’s harshest winter days or nights. And given the wide variety of styles, including freestanding options, they can be a beautiful addition to any living space where you need occasional additional heating.

Energy-Saving Room Heating Just Where You Need It

Propane fireplaces, stoves and room heaters can heat the largest family room or your entire finished basement or workshop. And they do it much more efficiently and with less mess than any wood-burning fireplace ever could, which makes them much more aesthetically attractive and less expensive to install and maintain.

With no ashes or soot to worry about, propane fireplaces and stoves are virtually free of maintenance and do not adversely affect your room’s air quality. Turn the fire on or off at the flick of a switch or remote control. Forget about worrying about whether wood embers are out. And with vent-free or direct vent options, your new home addition installation costs are kept down. And best of all, most models do not require electricity to operate – a major consideration when thinking about unplanned power outages.

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Propane Fireplace Inserts & Log Sets

Do you own an existing home with a wood fireplace? Propane fireplace inserts and log sets are extremely realistic in appearance and come in a variety of configurations. They can be used in an existing fireplace, suddenly making your family room or den a much more inviting living space for years to come, while eliminating the mess associated with a wood-burning fireplace.  And because they are smokeless, they keep the air quality inside your home clean.