How to Save Money on Home Heat This Winter

home heating savings winter propane syracuse nyThere are those who love winter and those of us that don’t. The one thing we all have in common is the fact we are not a fan of increases in our heating bills during the cold weather months in New York. It is inevitable that we will be using our heat more but that doesn’t have to mean huge increases in your heating costs.

There are different ways to warm up your home that don’t require you to blast heat excessively. There are five methods and techniques that can really help you to save money, no matter if you’re a fan of winter or not.

Tips for Lowering Your Heating Bills

Weather Strips & Caulking – By adding weather strips and caulking around gaps that have may have in your home’s windows and doors will help to keep the heat from escaping and cuts down on drafts. If your windows are old, it could be time to replace them.

Replace Your Air Filters – Before we enter winter and we start turning on our furnaces, check your air filters. Your furnace will work at peak performance if your filter is dirty or clogged. It will have to work harder to produce the heat you want if it does not have a clean filter. If your furnace must work harder then you will see the result in your heating bill. You should check your filter once a month during the winter season and replace them accordingly.

Add Insulation – Just like adding weather strips and caulking helps keep the heat in, adding extra insulation also helps. Insulation will help trap heat in and keep it circulating in your home.

Your Thermostat – A programable thermostat helps you save on heating costs. You can change your home’s temperature with a pre-set timer. Let’s say you are away during the day, you program it to lower the temperature and have it raise it just before you get home. This means you are not heating your home as much when you are not there. No since blasting heat until you return home. It is important that you know how to use your thermostat properly, whether it is programable or not.


Open Your Blinds and Curtains – Let the sunshine into your home during the day. It will help warm up your house with natural sunlight. Closing them at night helps to keep the heat inside.