GasChek: Why Do I Need a Propane Safety Inspection if I Run Out of Gas?

Why Do I Need a Propane Safety Inspection if I Run out of Propane?

Advantages of Automatic Propane Delivery from Country Propane

residential propane delivery syracuse cortland lafayette nyWith the combined influence of winter weather and Covid-19, working remotely and other family events, people are spending more time at home and hence using more energy, including electricity and propane.

With added time in the home, it’s more than likely that you are cooking more, washing more clothes, and running the furnace and room heaters more than a year or so ago. As the temperatures outside in the Syracuse and Central New York area continue to drop it’s likely that you are not turning down the heat during the day as much as you used to do.

So, if you aren’t carefully monitoring your increased propane usage, that can put you and your family at risk of unexpectedly running out of propane when you need it most – especially if you are on “will call” propane delivery.

What To Do If I Run Out of Propane

For those on “will-call” propane delivery, you should monitor your propane usage regularly and when your propane tank gets near the 30% full mark, call and request a delivery. But if you do run out of propane, you should call us immediately to schedule an emergency propane delivery. And be sure to call us. Don’t use email or a website contact form for this purpose.

But getting a propane delivery is only the beginning. In accordance with federal code (National Fuel Gas Code 4.1.2/4.2), your entire propane system must be completely inspected by a professional propane service technician before your propane supply can be turned back on again. This safety inspection includes both pressure and leak tests, an inspection of your propane tank, and all your propane appliances, as well as having the technician relight all the pilots on your appliances. All of this can add up quickly in terms of unplanned out of pocket expense.

Why is this GasChek Inspection Required?

The short answer is federally mandated propane safety requirements. If you run out of propane, the pilot lights on your propane appliances will go out. And that can be extremely dangerous, risking explosion, severe property damage and bodily harm if not handled correctly and by a trained technician.

But the good news is that all this can be avoided by simply enrolling in our propane automatic delivery program. We keep track of how much propane you use by carefully tracking your propane usage history and correlating it with current outside weather and temperature conditions to accurately gauge how much propane you are using and will need, and then scheduling our delivery to your home or business well before you run low.

Want More Information? Contact us today to learn more about our automatic propane delivery service and start enjoying the peace of mind that automatic delivery can provide.