Propane 2022 – Celebrating Earth Day

propane dealer Tully Lafayette Cato Syracuse NYEarth Day 2022 comes on Friday, April 22nd this year. But the truth that spurred the celebration of Earth Day so many years ago is something that each of us should keep in mind all year long.

When you think about Earth Day as it relates to your Central New York home – whether you live in Tully, Fulton, Cato, or anywhere else in Central New York, probably the first thing that comes to mind is recycling. Other things that may come to mind are using all forms of energy more efficiently, energy efficient appliances, and of course saving water.

One primary way you that think about Earth Day is by considering exactly how you heat and cool your home, what fuels you use to do so, and how those fuels compare to other energy sources.

Propane vs. Electricity

A huge number of homes throughout Central New York use Propane as their primary heating, cooking, and hot water energy source. Not only is propane environmentally friendly, but it helps in the fight to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the production of electricity is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, second only to the transportation sector.  Propane on the other hand produces next to zero greenhouse gasses or air pollutants, making it a significantly cleaner source of energy that can be used to heath homes and businesses across the globe. That also goes for using propane to heat hot water, as well as cooking, heating the swimming pool, and even powering personal and fleet vehicles.

If yours is one of those families who use propane throughout their home, you are helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 30% when compared with someone who has an all-electric home.  In addition, studies have also shown that direct use of propane for space heating, drying clothes, water heating and cooking can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 50%.

So when it comes to Earth Day, think kind thoughts about Propane, while you sit in your easy chair all nice and toasty drinking that cup of tea you just made on your propane powered stove out in the kitchen.  Because with Propane, you will not only be doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint, you will also be using one of the safest, most energy efficient fuels anywhere.

Getting Your Propane Grill Ready for Spring

propane grill gas tank exchange syracuse baldwinsville fulton new york

If you’re not one of the few who brave the cold winter months and continue to use their propane gas grill, well, it’s time to break it out now and prepare it for the warm weather season. Even if you are one that has used your grill during the winter this information applies to you too. Even if you use a portable gas grill, giving it cleaning is a good idea as well.

It’s a good practice to clean it and do some safety checks so you are ready for the months ahead. Here are a few tips on how you can best prep your grill propane grill.

Prep Your Grill Cleaning Supplies

Let’s begin by gathering the supplies we will need. A pail of dish soap and warm water, a sponge, paper towels, and a quality grill cleaning brush. You might need a few tools on hand for taking certain parts off for easier cleaning. A few other things that you might want to have on hand just uncase are a spatula, stainless steel cleaner, degreaser, and fine sandpaper.

Clean and Scrub Your Grill

Take the grill grates off for starters and give them a good cleaning with soap and water. You don’t want to do this step too often but once or twice a year is fine in preparation for the grilling season. You may need to soak them a bit to let the gunk loosen upon them. By giving them a proper cleaning, you will prevent food from sticking to the cooking surface.

A tip to help save your elbows is to spray the cooking grates with equal parts of vinegar and water and wait about an hour. All the grease and gunk will be much easier to scrub off.

Inspect Parts on Your Grill

Take apart what you can so you can clean both the inside and outside of the grill with soap and warm water using a strong bristle brush. Don’t use a wire brush as it will leave scratches.

Pay close attention to the areas with a lot of grease build-up. Some find using a citrus-based degreaser or grill cleaner helps to clean these tough greasy areas. You will also want to clean the grease tray too.

Inspect your grill’s burners for any holes. Burners with holes that are not supposed to be there should be replaced immediately. You will also want to inspect the tubes for spiders that may have found their way in and made them their home during the cold weather.

Check the air vents on your grill and remove any debris to make sure you get proper airflow and help limit fire hazards.

Check And Test Grill Ignition

Now that you have cleaned your grill and reinstalled the burners, replace any batteries if you have battery-powered ignition. It is always a good idea to replace the old batteries with new ones, so you don’t get stuck with the grill not lighting when you need it to. Make sure any leads don’t have any grease or rust build-up on them. If they do, you can use fine-grit sandpaper to buff them.

Fill Your Grill’s Propane Tank

Now for the last step, head over to Country Propane and make sure your propane tank is full and ready to go. Our propane tank exchange is a great way to make sure you have the propane fuel you need. It is a good idea to always have a spare tank just uncase one run out in the middle of cooking.

Buying A Propane-Powered Home? Three Questions to Ask

Propane Delivery Central New York

If you are looking to purchase a home in the Central New York area, and the home you are considering utilizes propane as it’s primary energy source for heating, cooking and hot water, you couldn’t make a smarter move than choosing propane to power your new home.

As you consider making an offer on your family’s new dream home, here are a few things you might not know about propane as a residential energy source when compared with natural gas, oil, and electricity.

Propane: What You Need to Know

There are three major questions to ask when you are thinking of buying a new-to-you home that uses propane as it’s primary energy source:

Which Appliances Run on Propane?

You need to understand that simply because a house has a propane tank, it doesn’t mean that every appliance has to be propane powered. For example, you could have a stove, hot water heater, and furnace that run on propane but a clothes dryer that runs on electricity.

You should also ask for the home’s most recent safety inspection which would list all the propane-powered appliances that are used throughout the home. If the seller is unable to produce inspection papers, it is highly recommended that the home be inspected by a professional before you commit to making an offer on the property.

When there is a propane tank on the property it can be owned by the homeowner or leased from the propane supplier. If the seller owns the tank, make sure ownership of the tank is included in the terms of the house sale, and get all maintenance paperwork, including safety inspections, for the propane tank.

If the propane tank is underground, ask for proof that they are protected against rust or erosion. It is also good for you to know that regardless of who owns the tank, who you want to get your propane from is entirely your own decision as the new property owner.

How Big is the Propane Tank?

You want to make sure the propane tank has enough capacity to run everything you need it to run without having to have propane deliveries frequently costing you more than necessary. If you plan on adding a new propane appliance to the home, such as a propane powered fireplace in the family room, make sure the current tank has the capacity to keep up with the increased energy demands.

If you are ready to make an offer on that new home you’ve been looking at, and that new home utilizes propane for it’s primary energy source for heating, cooking, hot water, and more, you are one of a growing number of people that are doing the same thing. Propane is  a reliable, environmentally friendly, domestic energy source and at Country Propane we pride ourselves in offering the most reliable service in Central New York, giving CNY homeowners the energy to make their house a home.

Winter Propane Safety Tips

propane dealer safety syracuse oswego canastota nyAs all of our customers know, propane is a safe and a really great energy source for staying warm and cozy all winter long, especially in the Syracuse and Central New York area where we live.  But like any energy source, things can happen that are beyond your control, and you need to know what propane safety measures to do when something unexpected occurs.

Here are six top propane safety tips for to always keep in mind, especially during the cold winter months, but also all year round:

  • Teach everyone to recognize the distinctive smell of propane, and what they need to do if they smell propane.  Propane is easy to identify by is “rotten egg” smell.
  • Teach everyone how to shut off your propane supply at the tank.  If you are not sure how exactly to do this, we have a great video on our YouTube channel that takes only a few minutes to watch.  If you have any questions on what to do, please contact us.
  • Never EVER use outdoor propane appliances such as propane grills, patio heaters, space heaters, and portable generators indoors.  This includes your garage, with the garage door open. Think SAFETY at all times.  Never leave a gas grill unattended, even for the shortest amount of time.

If a storm or severe weather is forecast:

  • Make sure you have enough propane on hand to last for a week or so in case of road or bridge closures that would impact your regular propane delivery.  Call us to discuss your specific needs.
  • Listen to your radio for updates and instructions from authorities in your area.
  • Clear snow and debris from chimneys, flues, and vents after a storm to reduce the risk of inadvertent Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning. Use a broom, not a shovel to do this.

In the event that your propane heating system or any of your propane appliances have been damaged, contact us right away.  This is especially important if you have shut off your gas at the tank, because by New York State law, you must contact a licensed professional (us) to restart your system.

At Country Propane, we are here serving our customers across Central New York from Tully, to Canastota, Oswego, and Syracuse, keeping you and your family safe and comfortable all year round. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about your propane service and especially about propane safety for your home and business.

Advantages of Cooking With Propane

Cooking With Propane:

The Choice of Professional Chefs

propane syracuse cooking homeINSTANT– No wasted time while preparing your holiday feast. Instant heat allows you to cook without the wait for burners to warm up or cool down. This means more time spent with loved ones.

SAFE– Propane gas turns off immediately, so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself while waiting for your cook top to cool off. Remember, when it comes to cooking, propane safety always comes first.

EVEN– Propane cooking offers even distribution of heat and gives a more even heat distribution across the bottoms of frying pans, saucepans and when you are baking, which means fewer hot spots- no scorched food in the bottoms of pans or ruining that delicious cherry pie.

PRECISE– Propane lets even the up-and-coming novice chef in your family to set precise cooking temperatures for their stovetop creations, which helps make sure that burning those delicate dishes such as cheese sauces or your favorite melted chocolate doesn’t happen.

There are so many good reasons to cook with propane gas. Propane appliances are available in all the latest kitchen designs- convection ovens, sealed burners for easy cleaning, griddles and grill tops, even deep fryers. Contact us to learn more about how economical cooking with propane in your Central New York home can be for you and your family.

Get the Most Out of Your Winter Energy Budget

Winter propane energy saving tips Syracuse CNYEvery winter in Syracuse and across Central New York brings with it the anticipation of spending more out-of-pocket for things like snow removal, gifts, mid-winter family vacations and home heating. So not spending any more than is absolutely necessary on home and hot water heating is essential to making it through a Syracuse and Central New York Upstate winter.  Here are a few tips to help you keep your winter energy expenses in line:

  1. First, check your home’s insulation. Proper insulation means literally money in the bank. Keeping heat from escaping from your house should be number one in terms of home energy efficiency when it comes to wintertime in Upstate New York. Don’t forget to check around exterior wall power outlets and vents since these are likely place for heat to escape.
  2. Keep ducts and vents clear. Make sure no furniture is blocking your ducts and vents. This is especially true for forced are furnace heating systems. Is that bedroom dresser positioned right in front of the cold air return vent? This can deal a body blow to your energy bill.
  3. Don’t use exhaust fans any more than is absolutely necessary. This includes not only the kitchen, but also the bathroom. Exhaust fans contribute more to energy loss than you can imagine.
  4. Have your propane appliances check to make sure they are as efficient as possible. While there are many misconceptions about propane as a home energy source, there are more New York households than you can imagine who use it to cook and to keep warm with during our cold winter months. A recent estimate by the National Propane Gas Association indicates that there are over 48 million homes that use propane to heat water, prepare meals, dry their clothes, and keep their houses warm.
  5. Reliability. Using propane to heat your home is an amazing testament to its versatility beyond grilling out on the patio. With quality, reliable propane service, you not only have an affordable, home energy source, but you also have the peace of mind of great customer service. We will be there when you need us, even in the dead of night!
  6. Get a “smart thermostat.” While you are shopping for gifts during the holiday season, why not shop for a gift for yourself that will keep giving for years to come? A programmable smart thermostat is an economical investment in lowering your winter energy bills for years to come, allowing you to cut the cost of your energy consumption by up to 12%.
  7. Let the sunshine in!  Even on the coldest of winter days in Central New York, it can be bright and sunny outside. So let the sun shine in as much as possible and take the opportunity to let the radiant heat of mother nature come through your windows. Feel the warmth of the mid-winter sun while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and looking at the snowy landscape just beyond the window glass.

Start Staying Warm Within Your Energy Budget Now

With these few tips – and there are doubtless more you can think of – you can take the steps you need to take to make the most of your energy budget this winter, and stay warm during the cold, wintry days ahead.


Propane Space Heating

Propane Space Heating

propane room heating syracuse oswego fulton nyTheir radiant heat provides warmth where it’s needed. These units are attractive because they go virtually anywhere – either wall-mounted or freestanding. They also produce fewer air pollutants and greenhouse gases than space heaters using fuel oil. Many offer the added advantage of the ability to work during electric outrages. Some of the newer, vent-free-propane space heaters are 99.9% efficient.

At Country Propane, we have found that when it comes to residential propane usage, the needs for each space – whether it’s a spare room, a family room, home addition or hobby shop, are unique. Let us put our experience to work for you with a free in-home consultation. One of our Country Propane technicians can visit your property and help you evaluate the options. Their knowledge of available products and state or local code requirements can help you identify a suitable solution in no time! Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Propane Clothes Dryers vs Electric

Advantages of Propane Clothes Dryers

residential propane service oswego pulaski central square fulton nyPropane dryers dry clothes more efficiently and are often less expensive to operate than electric dryers. Propane dryers quickly reach the temperatures needed to dry clothes evenly. The moist heat of a propane dryer is less likely to burn or discolor fabrics than the heat produced by electric dryers. Propane dryers also result in less wear and tear on fabrics.

And when you are considering residential propane service in Syracuse and Central New York, talk to the experts at Country Propane to make sure you take advantage of all the savings opportunities you can.

High-performance Propane Dryers Offer Energy-Saving Features.

Moisture sensing controls shut the dryer off when the selected level of dryness is reached. Pilotless ignition eliminates the need for an energy-wasting standing pilot light. Polymer-coated drum seals ensure heated air will not escape from the drum during operation.

Multiple temperature-setting controls allow settings to be adjusted according to fabric requirements. Diagonal airflow pattern provides faster, more thorough drying at lower temperatures. Timed cycles allow you to operate the dryer for short time intervals. Contact us for more information.

Indoor Gas Lights: Off-Grid Lighting

Propane Powered Off-Grid Lighting for Your Camp or Cabin

indoor propane gas lighting camp cabin off gridPropane powered off-grid interior lighting can be an extremely attractive alternative for your summer cabin on the lake. It can be a great way to provide comfort and convenience and is available in a variety of styles and configurations from post- or wall-mounted models to portable models.

Some propane off-grid lighting fixtures even offer solar-activated valves to automatically reduce propane usage during daylight hours. Propane off-grid lighting fixtures combine versatile energy efficiency with the warmth and charm you are looking for in your off-grid cabin.

And of course even if you don’t have a cabin in the woods, propane powered off-grid lighting fixtures work beautifully during power outages.

Country propane can help with professional gas line installation and safety testing.  Contact us for more information.

Advantages of Propane Hot Water Heaters

Propane Water Heaters

How Traditional Tank Water Heaters Work:

propane water heating syracuse oswego fulton ny dealerIn a traditional tank-style water heater which most of us have in our homes, a propane burner keeps the water that is stored in the tank at a constant, pre-determined temperature, ready for use when you turn the tap in your kitchen or bathroom. In older, less efficient electric tank style water heaters, a heating element is used to heat the water in the tank.

Traditional tank-style water heaters used in homes and many small businesses come in a variety of sizes ranging from 20 gallons to 100 gallons, and are installed in the same manner as natural gas water heaters with almost identical connections and venting requirements. In the case of electric hot water heaters, there are even models with tank capacities as low as three gallons for very occasional hot water needs such as hand washing in an out-building or hobby shop.

When considering replacing your hot water heater, keep in mind that there are a variety of models available with different venting configurations, including conventional venting, direct venting, and power-vent models to meet your specific needs. But beyond traditional tank style hot water heaters there is another option: tankless water heaters.

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Tankless Propane Water Heaters

Tankless propane water heaters provide a whole new level of water heating efficiency for your home virtually eliminating the expense of energy losses incurred by maintaining a constant water temperature inside a tank 24 hours a day, 356 days a year. Tankless water heaters, unlike traditional tank style water heaters, do not heat and maintain stored water for use when needed. Rather, they heat water only when you want it.  Simply turn on the hot water tap and a tankless hot water heater superheats the water in a coil which passes through a set of propane burners into your hot water line.

While tankless propane water heaters have a higher up-front cost, they actually save money in the long term by using less propane to heat your water. And while a tanks style water heater has an average life expectancy of 11-12 years, a tankless hot water heater can be expected to last over 20 years.

Tankless hot water heaters take up much less space as well, and can also be installed in convenient out of the way locations as well – on a wall or in a supply closet next to the laundry room or kitchen, factors which are important if you are looking to conserve space.