Propane in Central New York: Welcome to Summer

propane home cooking heating syracuse fulton oswego cnyUsing propane for your home you can rest assured it is a safe energy source. With that being said you do need to use it responsibly to safely heat and power your home. At Country Propane, we prioritize propane safety to keep you and your family safe.

Now that the summer months are upon us, you will likely use propane in other ways for activities like outdoor grilling and heating your patio on those cooler spring days. Follow these safety tips for propane use for you to practice so you keep your home safe this season.

Properly Store Propane

When it comes to propane safety storing cylinders properly is important. You never want to store them inside or in any enclosed area. These areas include sheds, basements, and garages. If there was ever a leak, it could become quite dangerous with possible fire or explosion. Keeping them stored upright and outdoors in an area where they won’t get knocked over will reduce risk.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors Throughout Your Home

As a way to detect dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) inside your home, install detectors on each level when you use propane. Be sure to have them in your bedrooms in particular. There are times when a carbon monoxide leak occurs and there is no warning, no distinct smell. An example of this would be, propane can smell like rotten eggs, this is an indicator that there is a propane leak.

It is a good idea to install propane gas detectors in areas where propane is used. You can get these from nearly any local hardware store.

Emergency Utility Shut-Off

To prepare for an emergency, everyone in the household should know how to turn off the electricity, propane, and water supplies just in case of an emergency. You should also work to put an emergency plan into action that is thorough, but easy for children to remember. Should there be a leak, or other problem your family will know what they have to do.

Plan Ahead

Having a backup plan in place is a great help. That plan should include a backup propane supply for powering generators, cooking equipment, heaters, and more. In your plan, make sure you have at least a weeks’ worth of propane in case traveling to a location for refills is not an option due to bad weather.

At Country Propane, we take a lot of pride in keeping our community and customers educated on the benefits you get from propane, and how to use it safely. That is our reason to offer exceptional service and top-quality products. For more information on what we can do for you give us a call today!