Indoor Gas Lights: Off-Grid Lighting

Propane Powered Off-Grid Lighting for Your Camp or Cabin

indoor propane gas lighting camp cabin off gridPropane powered off-grid interior lighting can be an extremely attractive alternative for your summer cabin on the lake. It can be a great way to provide comfort and convenience and is available in a variety of styles and configurations from post- or wall-mounted models to portable models.

Some propane off-grid lighting fixtures even offer solar-activated valves to automatically reduce propane usage during daylight hours. Propane off-grid lighting fixtures combine versatile energy efficiency with the warmth and charm you are looking for in your off-grid cabin.

And of course even if you don’t have a cabin in the woods, propane powered off-grid lighting fixtures work beautifully during power outages.

Country propane can help with professional gas line installation and safety testing.  Contact us for more information.