Get the Most Out of Your Winter Energy Budget

Winter propane energy saving tips Syracuse CNYEvery winter in Syracuse and across Central New York brings with it the anticipation of spending more out-of-pocket for things like snow removal, gifts, mid-winter family vacations and home heating. So not spending any more than is absolutely necessary on home and hot water heating is essential to making it through a Syracuse and Central New York Upstate winter.  Here are a few tips to help you keep your winter energy expenses in line:

  1. First, check your home’s insulation. Proper insulation means literally money in the bank. Keeping heat from escaping from your house should be number one in terms of home energy efficiency when it comes to wintertime in Upstate New York. Don’t forget to check around exterior wall power outlets and vents since these are likely place for heat to escape.
  2. Keep ducts and vents clear. Make sure no furniture is blocking your ducts and vents. This is especially true for forced are furnace heating systems. Is that bedroom dresser positioned right in front of the cold air return vent? This can deal a body blow to your energy bill.
  3. Don’t use exhaust fans any more than is absolutely necessary. This includes not only the kitchen, but also the bathroom. Exhaust fans contribute more to energy loss than you can imagine.
  4. Have your propane appliances check to make sure they are as efficient as possible. While there are many misconceptions about propane as a home energy source, there are more New York households than you can imagine who use it to cook and to keep warm with during our cold winter months. A recent estimate by the National Propane Gas Association indicates that there are over 48 million homes that use propane to heat water, prepare meals, dry their clothes, and keep their houses warm.
  5. Reliability. Using propane to heat your home is an amazing testament to its versatility beyond grilling out on the patio. With quality, reliable propane service, you not only have an affordable, home energy source, but you also have the peace of mind of great customer service. We will be there when you need us, even in the dead of night!
  6. Get a “smart thermostat.” While you are shopping for gifts during the holiday season, why not shop for a gift for yourself that will keep giving for years to come? A programmable smart thermostat is an economical investment in lowering your winter energy bills for years to come, allowing you to cut the cost of your energy consumption by up to 12%.
  7. Let the sunshine in!  Even on the coldest of winter days in Central New York, it can be bright and sunny outside. So let the sun shine in as much as possible and take the opportunity to let the radiant heat of mother nature come through your windows. Feel the warmth of the mid-winter sun while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and looking at the snowy landscape just beyond the window glass.

Start Staying Warm Within Your Energy Budget Now

With these few tips – and there are doubtless more you can think of – you can take the steps you need to take to make the most of your energy budget this winter, and stay warm during the cold, wintry days ahead.