Here at Country Propane, we offer a budget program that allows for equal monthly payments, as opposed to paying off entire invoices at the time of delivery.
The budget is a program designed to allow heating season invoices to be expensed throughout the entire year. The budget begins in July and runs thru May; we use the month of June to reconcile any balance left that the budget payments didn’t cover.
While on the budget payment plan, the previous or estimated annual heating bill is averaged to determine an equal monthly payment. This amount appears monthly on a statement. Any credit left over after the budget season the customer can call to have us issue them a refund check and if they don't the credit balance gets incorporated into the new budget payment amount for the next season.
Customers on the budget billing plan automatically get billed at the discounted rate and must have their payment in by the tenth of every month. Budget customer also have an added benefit of a Cap on the price of propane for the season (restrictions apply) which could ultimately save you money if the market prices skyrocket due to world or political issues. To qualify for this plan you must have a $0.0 or credit balance going into July.