Outdoor heating

Let’s Take This Outside

We know that outdoor living spaces have always been just a natural extension of the home and your backyard is no exception. It is the place where you catch fireflies with the kids on the 4th of July, the favored location for family reunions or the designated neighborhood sports field. Quite simply- the backyard is a place for memories in the making.

From the traditional patios with grills to full-fledged kitchens or pool areas fit for country clubs, propane takes your outdoor spaces and transforms them into whatever your imagination desires.

Choose from fireplaces, burners, hearth stoves, gas logs, chimeneas, and fire pits. Most are designated with weatherproof materials that will stand up to even New York’s weather.  Contact us to learn more about heating your outdoor spaces.

Patio and Outdoor Heaters

Patio Heaters offer a great deal of flexibility. You can choose portability or you can choose to permanently install these units in concrete.Most include adjustable temperature controls and safety features. They provide up to a 20-foot radius of heat and raise outdoor temperatures between 10 and 30 degrees. A patio heater from Country Propane can extend outdoor living and help you get the most out of New York’s four seasons.

Portable heat provides comfort and warmth for outdoor activities in cold temperatures. Many radiant heaters attach to the top of a propane bottle while others have a carrying handle and will attach to a 1lb gas bottle.  Contact us to learn more about heating your outdoor spaces.

Pool Heating

Don't forget to keep the pool heated at a nice warm temperature. I'll be over soon!!