Drying with propane

Propane Dryers Won’t Take You To The Cleaners.

Propane dryers dry clothes more efficiently and are often less expensive to operate than electric dryers. Propane dryers quickly reach the temperatures needed to dry clothes evenly. The moist heat of a propane dryer is less likely to burn or discolor fabrics than the heat produced by electric dryers. Propane dryers also result in less wear and tear on fabrics.

High-performance Propane Dryers Offer Energy-Saving Features.

Moisture sensing controls shut the dryer off when the selected level of dryness is reached. Pilotless ignition eliminates the need for an energy-wasting standing pilot light. Polymer-coated drum seals ensure heated air will not escape from the drum during operation.

Multiple temperature-setting controls allow settings to be adjusted according to fabric requirements. Diagonal airflow pattern provides faster, more thorough drying at lower temperatures. Timed cycles allow you to operate the dryer for short time intervals.  Contact us for more information.