Heating Accounts Delivery Schedule

We deliver on a monthly basis during the months of November through March. We top our tanks off to approx. 80-85%. Should weather conditions or differences in your life style necessitate your need for more storage; Country Propane will adjust storage accordingly at no charge.

We deliver again in May to top off your tanks.

We do not come back until August; at which point we will bring the tanks back to 80-85%, and then resume our normal delivery schedule November through March.

Payment is expected 30 days from the delivery date on your delivery ticket (which is also your invoice). If payment has not been made by the next scheduled delivery we will not fill your tank on normal route (as defined above) Therefore a $200.00 special delivery fee will be charged if we have to go off route to fill your tank.

Delivery schedule subject to change due to weather conditions.

We reserve the right to make changes to the delivery schedule.